Our Story

Our mission started with one simple idea.

Healthier - Everywhere - For everyone.

 We are passionate about our products and felt that these products should be available at your fingertips at all kirana shops in India in the form of snacks.

Bazana! was born. A new brand with the primary goal of giving people better snacking options on a daily basis no matter where they are.

Now, Bazana! is set to rock India!

Our Founder

We call them our

coz buzzers would have been weird, right?

Our Founder

We call him our

coz buzzers would have been weird, right?
Sameer Bhanushali Director

Our Brand

What is up with the name Bazana!??

Good question! Doesn’t it have a nice sound to it!?

We spent months looking at different names across the world and making up a bunch of our own. You should see the scrap papers with hundreds of names!

But one day we came up with Bazana! Immediately we knew this was the name for the brand. It had a unique sound and energy to it that we loved!

When we had people spell Bazana! phonetically, they would spell it (Buzz-aa-na). Which is when we realized that this is the perfect meaning for Bazana!

“Calling the buzz” “Bring the buzz” “The thing that is buzzing”. That is Bazana!

The latest thing happening in your group of friends, the latest songs and movies, your trekking photos on instagram. Bazana! is the buzz that is happening!

And that ladies and gentlemen, is the story of how Bazana! was born.